Nikola Gotić was born in Belgrade, Serbia, on 14th August 1992. He has a Bachelor's degree in Interactive Media Design at Belgrade's Metropolitan University, and worked full-time internship for four years as an assistant of video production, post-production, 2D animation, and photography. He is now a comic artist, cartoonist, graphic designer and video editor. Currently he is working as a story illustrator for the 1M subscriber hit YouTube and Nebula channel, LegalEagle.

Besides comics, his other major hobbies include music and video games, which he discusses on his blog and Twitter. He's a huge Beatles fan, has a penchant for expressive, psychedelic art styles and directions, and his favourite colour is yellow.

He takes commissionary work on anything design-related, including:

Comics, cartoons, illustration and fine art

Concept art and ideas for characters, settings

Graphic design, including logo design and product design

Video-editing, post-production, graphic and hand-drawn animation

(Limited) web development and 3D modeling and animation

Please look at the commissions page for samples of my work, their categories, their relative pricing, terms of service and forms of contact.

For my resume, click here.

You can contact me through nikgothic@nikgothic.com, and we can discuss capability, method, payment, and creative direction. You can make donations on my Paypal link. Or you can write your inquiries, propositions, requests, or just kind comments in the fields below. Come and say hi!