This site is now live

omg I can’t believe it Considering this is my first time ever divising a live site, there are still tons of issues and unexpected problems I’ve seen spring up, namely those revolving around links. I will look into them soon into the future, but for now, wow! I’ve got my own site!

Very cool article on the history of fighting games

Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, Smash Bros. and Beyond: The Ultimate History of Fighting Games

The past few days I’ve been reading this article bit by bit, watching chunks of the linked videos and so far it’s a great journey for somebody who has very little experience in fighting games. I’m especially amazed SNK had so many fighting games besides Fatal Fury and KOF.

I would recommend also to take these chapters at face value, and read one per day. If you’re meaning to check the videos, this will be a long article that will take a month to read through.

More Chainmail Faction Cards

As some of you know, I am developing counters meant for printing and use with the Chainmail miniatures wargame. In this update I am shoving you my custom-made cards for Russians, Poles, and Magyars, which are meant to provide loose historical insight and more importantly, the army composition of these factions.

Devising a site

Well, it’s about time I’ve had my own website! I’m still not completely certain what this site would entail, but ideally it would host my illustrations and various articles and media reviews. At the very least, it is going to be a blog and hence a personal diary, where you can see my musings 24/7. … Read more