Function 2021 demoparty

It’s no secret I’m a big fan of the demoscene. I’ve been introduced to it through cracktros on games and magazine articles that wowed me on the idea of pushing computer hardware to its limits and publishing beautiful audiovisual works of art on absurdly small memory sizes. I’ve written a university paper on the demoscene, … Read more

Comic book Colony in Raška 2019

Every year from the 5th to 9th of August, there is a little gathering of comic artists and illustrators from all over Serbia in the village of Semeteš(read “Sehmetesh”) next to Semeteš lake. Semeteš is a mountain village at the elevation of 900m, on the Kopaonik mountain, regularly known as the country’s biggest ski resort, … Read more

This site is now live

omg I can’t believe it Considering this is my first time ever divising a live site, there are still tons of issues and unexpected problems I’ve seen spring up, namely those revolving around links. I will look into them soon into the future, but for now, wow! I’ve got my own site!