Site overhaul 2019

After graduating university, I decided to give the site a big overhaul, and finally make it public by posting on my various profiles. It’s been two years of stage fright! But now I am confident that I have a well-rounded site that can hold my portfolio including drawings, comics, and videos, and can’t wait to see what the future will hold.

To celebrate my site overhaul I guess I should try to share something. Recently I’ve finished another sketchbook that I’ve been doing things on since 2014.

Mostly the past year I used it as a place where I can exercise from Andrew Loomis books, which are just super fun to draw from. But every once in a while I would ink some characters from the Ingrids Manoeuvre for practice, mostly Nelly, in various poses and circumstances, like balancing on a board, shopping on holiday, and wearing hats. You might have seen these earlier from my Twitter posts, only back then they weren’t properly scanned.

There might be some more things I might share from the sketchbook, but I’m more or less done with it, and I’ve shared stuff from it before. At the last page, to commemorate my good sketchbook for its longevity, I pinned a frivolous self-portrait in pencil, just me marking the end and the date of completion for the sketchbook, on 4th of May. In retrospect, it should have been something about Star Wars.

I hope in the future I’ll get to utilise this blog function more. Just divulge my artistic processes or ideas, and at a frequency and scope which does not make me seem dumb anymore.

You’re an iiiiidiot babe
It’s a wonder that you still know how to breathe

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