Ingrids sketches #1

Over the past few months I’ve accumulated so many tiny drawings and sketches of my Ingrids Manoeuvre characters that I think it’s worth trying to present them in these segments. Some of these are involved and have a lot of pen work around them, and some of them are just doodles. All of these are from 2019! The unfortunate thing is that I have even more of them but my scanner is currently out of order, but I’ll get them on here as soon as I can get a new scanner.

These practices are great because it gets me to practice and get a feel for my characters, and it’s important to make this into a habit. I’ve seen a lot of these characters evolve and get an identity of their own, and the more I do it the better I have a grasp of them. I won’t try to hold myself to a high standard when posting these sketches, and I think it’s important to highlight my failures as well as my successes.

A small sketch of Nelly I made on tablet.

I drew this at a game dev’s conference in Belgrade around March, where some guys had some Mac computers and were demonstrating painting software for it. I managed to draw this rare instance of Jeremy and Nelly in colour, bickering about news that were really at the forefront back then(including today).

These two batches of Nelly drawings are beautiful and I’m so happy I got them right My favourite ones are the one with the AK and the scooter.

I’ve always been way too shy about drawing women’s butts, but if I wanna get good, I’ve got no excuse not to practice it. The biggest benefit and curse of cartoonists is that you have to practice saucy parts like these.

Smol Nelly

The Mulligan Brothers, Jack on the left and Sebastian on the right. These two are a dead ringer for the Gallagher brothers from Oasis. Jack’s working in an explosives store and Sebastian is taking over the family’s bike shop business.

This is a new character by the name of Gunney. Jeremy’s mate from law school, and one of the few ones who are really conscientious and innocent. I’m still trying to figure out how to draw him.

This old geezer goes by the name of Herman Clarke, and he’s the owner of Ingrids. He’s got a boatload of experiences from his younger days and fought in the war, but the kids love him.

This is another sexy shot I made, only this one’s with Susan, and I drew it on a sketchbook of a dear friend. Since I made this in 5 minutes I gotta say it didn’t turn out bad at all!

I finished one of my old sketchbooks with this closing shot of Jeremy and Nelly, and had to punch in some Beady Eye lyrics and add a dash of colour with these butterflies. I was on a big Beady Eye binge then and I think “Different Gear, Still Speeding” is quite a magnificent album, even though it manages to rip off everyone and anything from the 60s. It’s some of the music I keep on whenever I wanna pile the Ingrids characters out.

Hope there’s more to come. I want to try to make dumps like these at least once a week.

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