Krita Brushes Pt. 2 – Pencils

Following the previous post, I’m continuing on the Krita brushes quest, as I’m testing every single one of them in a small and quick drawing. This one’s going to be a little lax because this category of brushes seeks to imitate graphite pencils – complete with paper texture in their vague, imperfect form and pulpy … Read more

Comic book Colony in Raška 2019

Every year from the 5th to 9th of August, there is a little gathering of comic artists and illustrators from all over Serbia in the village of Semeteš(read “Sehmetesh”) next to Semeteš lake. Semeteš is a mountain village at the elevation of 900m, on the Kopaonik mountain, regularly known as the country’s biggest ski resort, … Read more

Sea captain and the procedure of illustration

Recently I finished the drawing of my sea captain, who’s a little old lady about 50 years of age, taking on the role of what is usually a masculine profession. A sort of an inversion on the Captain Haddock’s “gruff sailor” archetype. She seems like a great character with a potential of telling captivating stories, … Read more